Revisiting the X-Men - Uncanny #291-293, X-Men #10-13, and Others

Revisiting the X-Men - Uncanny #291-293, X-Men #10-13, and Others

Good stories, good writing and a clean return to X-Men awesomeness


This week’s revisit covers quite the range of X-titles.  An arc called ‘Scattershot’ was laced all throughout the many series annuals, including X-Factor, X-Force, X-Men and Uncanny X-Men.  This gave me a nice opportunity to look at the other titles and thus discover once again why I’m not reading them.  That, however, is the subject of a completely different kind of post.  I also included a short arc from Uncanny #291-293 in the read, as well as the top off of X-Men #12-13 (#10-11 being part of ‘Scattershot’).

‘Scattershot’ brings back the long-missing Mojo as the villain, making yet another attempt to boost his ratings and maintain control over the Mojoverse.  But the rebellion continues and a rival faction tries to get their own station going to take over.  Longshot returns, fighting in the name of freedom and the X-teams get caught up in all the mayhem.  The story arc is unique, taking place over many years in the progression of the rebellion, even taking a trip several years into the future to visit an aged X-Force.  This was a fun story to read and I’m finding myself becoming very happy with Fabian Nicieza, author of this story and the brain behind X-Men.  The art in this block of books varies, sometimes very clean, courtesy of the amazing Joe Quesada, and other times stylistic to the point of being distracting.  Still, the quality of both the main titles is consistent.

One thing that bugged me is that X-Men is beginning to feature mini-stories at the end of the book, taking away from the main storyline’s length.  These little additions are more annoying than entertaining and deal with things that could be best handled elsewhere.  It looks like they’re trying to set some background up, but personally I’d prefer if they just made a mini-series for that instead of stealing away from the story I want to read.  It just causes them have to extend the arcs over more books so that people have to wait longer to get to the climax.  I’m glad I’m not purchasing them bi-weekly, or I would be extra annoyed by this blatant attempt to sell more books.

Aside from ‘Scattershot’, the stories get back to the Morlocks and whatever happened to them so long ago.  Let’s just say that that storyline doesn’t have a happy ending.  The rest of the X-Men issues detail some set-up for a large, multi-series arc called ‘X-Cutioner’s Song’.  I can’t remember reading this one in my earlier comic-addiction days, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.  I’m a bit peeved they feel the need to bring in all four teams, but I guess that’s how they boost their sales.  I’ll have to sit through another erratically penciled X-Force run and the goofiness that X-Factor has become.  This arc better be worth it.