Neil Gaiman returns to Sandman!

Neil Gaiman returns to Sandman!

One of the most amazing announcements in the history of my comic book addition has recently taken place, via a live video feed during the weekend of the almighty San Diego Comic-Con.  Neil Gaiman has stated that he will be making a return to the series that introduced hordes of adoring fans to his work and earned him his original fame.  That’s right, the Sandman will be coming back with some more stories to tell.

For me, this is especially awesome.  Sandman was my first introduction into a world of comic books that didn’t have to be focused around super heroes and PG-13 plot lines.  Gaiman inspired me to become a writer and is still one of the chief influences in my own fictional work.  To hear that this series, which he has repeatedly stated he would not be returning, is going to be continuing in at least a small capacity is the best news ever.

The new book (books?) is going to be focused on exploring the events that led up to the predicament that Morpheus happened to find himself in at the beginning of Sandman #1.  That makes it a prequel of sorts, but if you’re a Sandman fan, you know that anything can happen, including shifts of time and space, so there’s no telling where it could end up in the long run.  Also, Gaiman will be working with artist J.H. Williams III.  If you look to the header on this post, you’ll see a teaser of what Williams may be turning out for the new story.

Gaiman said that since the 25th anniversary of Sandman is fast approaching, this was the perfect time to explore a particular storyline that he had always wanted to but never got around to doing.  He timed the announcement (of course) to coincide with SDCC, thus giving fans who are already plenty excited one more reason to pee themselves in public.

If you want to, go ahead and take a look at what the man himself had to say in the official announcement video he circulated:

SDCC 2012 - Neil Gaiman Sandman Announcement